czwartek, 18 października 2018

Stamperia ma 30 lat!

W tym tygodniu Stamperia ukończyła 30 lat :) Dziękujemy za możliwość towarzyszenia jej w drodze i życzymy Wszystkiego Najlepszego i Sto Lat!!!

Poniżej tekst od Azizy, która w 1988 roku założyła tą firmę i do dzisiaj ją prowadzi.

Thanks to all customers and colleagues with which we share our journey. Together we have built the world of creativity in italy and in the world like true pioneers.
How did it all start ?
Stamperia was born in 1988 from a desire of creativity. In 1988 Aziza is young, has good taste, loves art and design, she has always travelled , knows many styles and also decorative techniques . She studies anthropology and helps the family in an import and export company. Growing and traveling she formed her own taste on what she liked and not. Her problem was that she could not transfer on a canvas or on an object what she had in mind. She did not know how to draw, how to paint, how to sew, but the desire of creating and transforming was growing stronger. With the help of friends artists she started to develop her first collection: the first products were papers with the mythical Flowers and Poems, Leonardo, Escher and than stamps, stencil, paints. Almost immediately she introduced a selection of chemicals with almost magic effects at the time: cracklé, patinas, gilding. Finally the tools to express your own creativity were available for everybody. With papers, colors and stencil was possible to decorate objects, to age them, to transform! The success was immediate, Stamperia was the answer to a request that was in the air , latent but strong. Newspapers, magazines and television were speaking of this new trend, the creativity was finally at reach, for everybody, for all the age! In the years the catalogue was enriched of many different techniques, following the fashion and the trends of times.
Stamperia story continues until today, faithful to its origins , to its heart, the paper in all possible applications accompanied by stamps, stencil, moulds and chemicals of high quality. What once was a small enterprise, a dream in a drawer, it became an international company with roots in Italy exporting to more than 50 countries for the joy of many creative people all over the world. Stamperia style continues to be original and with a particular attention to the quality of the product. Stamperia today is formed by a heart of experienced minds and by many young people developing the sales, taking care of customers at the back office, making Stamperia known in the world through social media
Monica Aziza Karrara

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